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Link Link all colored dots

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Main features
Link is an original puzzle game. You must link colored dots with some path elements depicted on movable tiles.

To do this, drag rows or columns of tiles to align the path elements of the right color.

Link has 120 levels of increasing difficulty.
Review of the press

"Link is a formidable puzzle game for your Windows Phone " - George Ponder, WPCentral.com

"Here's some good design in here, and the difficulty level feels about right for this style of casual puzzle game" - Ewan Spence, allaboutwindowsphone.com

"Notre coup de cœur [...] Un jeu malin, simple, esthétique, efficace" - Gael, monwindowsphone.com

"Link, un bon jeu pour s'occuper sur la plage" - smartphonefrance.info


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