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FlipSomeTiles Flip all tiles to gold !

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Main features

FlipSomeTiles is an original and addictive puzzle game. Your goal is to find the good path with your finger in 168 levels.

To play: draw a path with your finger from the starting tile, and flip all tiles to gold, before going to the end tile.

10 tile types: ivory, glass, metal, switch...

Review of the press

"FlipSomeTiles, a golden game for your Windows Phone" - George Ponder, WPCentral.com

"FlipSomeTiles is a fun and addictive game that flexes your brain muscles" - Joe Fedewa, WinSource.com

"FlipSomeTiles est agréable à jouer, facile à prendre en main et est très addictif" - Jeremie, WindowsFone.fr


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